Office of the Superintendent - Pension Commission

Overview of Manitoba Pension Laws

This information gives you an overview of general pension information. The main topics of The Pension Benefits Act (the act) are covered, including rights to benefits, rights to information and general rules on benefits for members and their spouses or common-law partners.

Contact your plan administrator for details on your particular pension plan. The terms of your plan may be more generous than required by the act.

The following questions and answers cover the most common questions about the recent amendments to The Pension Benefits Act and the new regulation.


  1. What is the Office of the Superintendent - Pension Commission?

    This office is the provincial governing body responsible for the enforcement of the act and Pension Benefits Regulation (the regulation). Its activities include assisting employees and plan administrators by explaining how Manitoba's pension legislation affects them.

  2. Is my employer required to set up a pension plan?

    No. The decision to set up a pension plan is voluntary. The act applies only to an employer who already has a pension plan, or sets up a new plan.

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