OSPC - FAQS - Overview of Manitoba Pension Laws


  1. If I can't get information about my benefits and/or entitlements under my pension plan, who do I talk to?

    You are entitled to a summary of what your plan provides, when eligible to join the pension plan.

    You are also entitled to an annual statement of your contributions, benefits and personal data, your pension benefit or the contributions your employer has made on your behalf (depending on what type of plan you belong to).

    If you are a member of a defined benefit plan, you are entitled to know whether or not the plan has sufficient funds to pay all the benefits earned by the members.

    This annual statement must be given to you within six months of the end of the plan's fiscal year.

    You are also entitled to receive (for a reasonable fee) some additional information about your pension plan. You must ask your employer, in writing, for this additional information which is defined under section 3.32 of the act's new regulation. You may also get information from your union representative.

    If you are unable to get the information you are entitled to under the act, you can contact the Office of the Superintendent - Pension Commission, who will investigate on your behalf.

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