Investment Policies

Under the management of The Public Guardian and Trustee's chief financial officer, the Financial Administration department's staff manage:

  • the accounting for all clients, estates and trust accounts
  • the Common Fund
  • the revenue and operating budget of the office

The Public Guardian and Trustee maintains a separate account for each of its clients and provides detailed account transaction reports as appropriate. The majority of these funds are invested in what is known as the Common Fund, which earns interest like a savings account.

The Financial Administration department continually monitors the Common Fund and the specific investments held under this fund, so the rate of interest is often higher than individual savings accounts at a bank or credit union. All interest earned by this investment of clients' funds is credited back to the clients' individual accounts monthly.

In circumstances where a person becomes a Public Guardian and Trustee client and already has an investment portfolio, the portfolio is reviewed and may be maintained, depending on the needs of the client and the nature of the investments.

The Public Trustee of Manitoba - Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives (pdf - 20 pages, 78 kb)

All of The Public Guardian and Trustee's publications are available in multiple formats upon request. For further information please contact the office.

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