Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is the legal authority contained in a written document that allows someone else to manage your legal and financial affairs.

Planning for Your Future

Information on preparing your Power of Attorney can be found in the publication A Legal Information Guide for Seniors. This guide contains a great deal of information that can be valuable to any adult, and not just seniors. The topics of Health Care Directives and Wills, and how these documents work in conjuction with your Power of Attorney, are also covered in this guide. A copy can be downloaded here.

Assisting Others

Information on acting as an attorney for someone else can be found in the publication Enduring Power of Attorney Guidebook. This guide outlines the responsibilites of acting as an attorney and includes a sample Power of Attorney document, as well as an example of a proper inventory and accounting kept by an attorney. A copy can be downloaded here (pdf - 28 pages, 321 kb).

Services of The Public Guardian and Trustee

The Public Guardian and Trustee no longer operates a Power of Attorney Program. If you have questions concerning the discountinuance of this program, please direct them by email to publictrustee@gov.mb.ca.


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