Invest Manitoba: Open for BusinessIndustries


Advanced Manufacturing

Set to build big things

A centrally-located engine of innovation


Soaring success

A world-class aerospace hub with unique cost advantages


Positioned to grow

A centrally located, diverse agricultural hub

Creative, Film and Information and Communication

A growing creative engine

One of Canada's fastest-growing creative industries

Energy and Environment

Canada's sustainable powerhouse

A leader in green energy and sustainable practices

Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Invested in innovation

The centre of western Canadian pharmaceutical excellence

Mining and Minerals

Solid ground for investing

A forward-thinking leader in sustainable practices

Transportation and Distribution

We'll go far together

A central shipping hub with highly competitive cost advantages


Canada's Heart is Calling

Your heart needs travel. It doesn't matter where you're from or your age or ability, your heart needs travel. So follow your heart and whatever it needs to the middle of Canada.