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Businesses operating in Manitoba have access to a wide range of incentives and programs, helping them maximize the return on their investment and thrive. Check your eligibility for the inventives and programs below or contact Business Navigation Services to see what's available for your operation.





Manitoba offers several programs targeted for both individuals and the business community designed to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurial and employment opportunities.

Innovation Growth Program (IGP)

The IGP helps small and medium-sided enterprises develop new, innovative products and bring them to market by providing a non-repayable grant of up to $100,000 per project to cost-share eligible expanses on a 50/50 basis.

Industry Expansion Program

This program assists companies that are starting or growing their operations in Manitoba by contributing to their investment in skills training for employees. It provides custom-prepared support on a client-by-client basis.

Sector Council Program

The Sector Council Program supports organizations in key Manitoba sectors to develop and deliver workforce training for new and existing employees to support business growth and prosperity.

Workforce Development Program

This program helps qualifying businesses assess their human resource management needs and provides tailored HR and workforce development plans.

First Jobs Fund

This program supports businesses that create employment and training experiences to prepare at-risk youth aged 15 to 29 for their first job.

Immigrate to Manitoba: Business Investor Stream

Explore Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) pathways created to help qualified business investors and entrepreneurs immigrate to Manitoba and become permanent residents of Canada.



Tax Credits


Through our tax credit programs, Manitoba is encouraging new business investments and existing business expansion by helping diversify Manitoba's economy and stimulate job creation.

Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit

This program provides individuals and corporations that acquire equity capital in community-based Manitoba enterprises with a refundable Manitoba tax credit of up to 45 per cent.

Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (MIDMTC)

Created to stimulate economic growth and job creation in Manitoba's interactive digital media industry and attract new investments, the MIDMTC provides a refundable tax credit up to 40 per cent to businesses on qualified expenses incurred in the development of eligible interactive digital media products for market.

Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit

A refundable tax credit for film and video productions is available, based on eligible salaries paid to Manitoba residents and qualifying non-resident employees, for work performed on an eligible film or video produced in Manitoba.

Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program (SBVCTC)

The SBVCTC provides a non-refundable Manitoba tax credit of up to 45 per cent to individuals and corporations who acquire equity capital in eligible Manitoba enterprises.

Employee Share Purchase Tax Credit

To support business growth, facilitate succession planning for family businesses and promote employee participation in business success, this tax credit offers employees the opportunity to buy into a business and qualify for a partially refundable 45 per cent tax credit.

Complete List of Corporate Tax Credits

See all of the corporate tax credits available to businesses operating in Manitoba.





A variety of grants are available across the Manitoba government to help businesses and organizations access financial resources.

Canada-Manitoba Job Grant

This grant helps Manitobans gain the skills they need to fill available jobs and helps employers develop the skills of their existing workers to meet the requirements of their present job, or move into a better job.

Young Entrepreneurs Grant Program

Under the Young Entrepreneurs Program, approved applicants are eligible for a grant of up to $4,000 to help young Manitobans start their own full-time, viable businesses, and pursue self-employment.





Many entrepreneurial and incentive opportunities available within Manitoba.

Manitoba Works Capital Incentive

To encourage significant new business investment or existing business expansion, this program provides proponents of approved projects with a tax rebate of the incremental education property taxes generated as a result of capital investment on an identified property.



Federal Incentives


Additional funding resources are available at

Explore the many federal incentives available to companies operating in Manitoba.