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The High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) gives students a head start with real-world experience performing high-demand jobs before they graduate from high school. As competition for entry-level positions increases, recent high school graduates are facing a growing need for qualifications that stand out to employers. By becoming an HSAP educator, you can help them achieve this while they earn high school credit and get paid for their work.

As an HSAP educator, you can help students:

  • earn up to eight high school credits for their work hours
  • earn above minimum wage
  • receive on-the-job training from an experienced tradesperson
  • develop a connection with a potential long-term employer
  • explore an in-demand occupation that aligns with their interests

As an HSAP educator, you will monitor student-apprentice progress, attendance and work skills in the workplace to help them develop. This may include progress conversations with the student-apprentice and employer, receipt of monthly employer reports, student-apprentice self-reflections, and the tracking of on-the-job hours confirmed with the employer. The employer is responsible for reporting on-the-job hours to Apprenticeship Manitoba.


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