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Stop The Violence Toolkit

This toolkit is here to help you promote Stop the Violence through your own channels and activities, both in person, online and through social media channels.

Website Banners | Print Materials | Use Social Media | Other resources

Stop The Violence Website Banners

Below are website banners to help you highlight the Stop The Violence campaign in your Intranet or Internet sites.

Print Materials

Below are print materials to help you highlight the Stop The Violence campaign.

Legal Size Poster

Legal Size Poster






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Use Social Media

Become part of the social media movement to end domestic or family violence!

Once you view the Blue Bomber videos and other campaign materials, we encourage you to share these messages through your social networks (Examples: Facebook and Twitter).

Sample Tweets

Follow us on Twitter @MBGov and help #StopTheViolence. Re-tweet Manitoba government Twitter messages to show your support or post any of the tweets below.

  • Dating Violence experienced by females age 15-19 is 10x's higher than males. Build #HealthyRelationships at
  • Youth in #HealthyRelationships respect each other's boundaries. Watch the video & retweet to share!
  • #HealthyRelationships require communication and compromise. Watch the video and retweet to spread the word
  • Everyone deserves to be in #HealthyRelationships. Young Manitobans experiencing Dating Violence can call 1-877-977-0007 for support.
  • #HealthyRelationships are built on mutual trust. Both partners should feel safe and loved
  • Both partners in #HealthyRelationships are able to speak freely & listen to their partners concerns
  • Both partners in #HealthyRelationships are able to have friends & interests outside of their partner. Learn more at
  • Partners in #HealthyRelationships respect each other's boundaries & decisions are made together. Learn more at
  • Learn the signs of Teen Dating Violence at Talk to someone, a teacher, counsellor, Elder or family member. #HealthyRelationships
  • Don't send, don't share. If you receive an explicit picture of someone-delete it. #HealthyRelationships Stay safe
  • Retweet to help spread the message that teen dating violence must stop! Talk to friends about #HealthyRelationships


Other resources:

Get help for domestic violence

Family Violence Prevention Program
Domestic Violence Support Services


Plan for your safety

Whether or not you're ready to leave your abuser, there are things you can do to protect yourself.

Make a Protection Plan

Protect yourself

Restraining and protection orders

Online directory of resources

by region