Protect Manitoba's Trees. Don't move firewood

How to Stop the Spread

The simplest way to help prevent Emerald Ash Borer from destroying Manitoba ash trees is by not moving firewood.

Emerald ash borers may be lurking in untreated ash firewood. Moving firewood from one location to another could mean you're moving Emerald Ash Borer form one location to another. It only takes one infected log and one female ash borer to destroy an entire forest.

Do your part:

  • It is illegal to bring any ash material including nursery stock and firewood from Ontario or Quebec into Manitoba
  • It is important not to move any firewood from the city to rural areas and vice versa, or from one campground to another.
  • Use or leave leftover firewood for the next camper.
  • Do not bring firewood from other provinces into Manitoba, but if you happen to have some, dispose of firewood at the orange disposal bins located at each of these three locations:
    • the Trans Canada Highway West
    • the Yellowhead near the Saskatchewan border
    • the Trans Canada Highway East near the Ontario border.


It is illegal to import firewood from the U.S.A. into Canada. When entering Manitoba, declare any firewood you may have.

Image of emerald ash borer