As we all know, aging is a natural part of all our lives. Manitobans are living longer leading to more possibilities for intergenerational exchange and contribution to our communities by seniors and elders. Ageism, or discrimination against older people, is an issue that is often overlooked. We envision a society where everyone is valued, respected and celebrated, regardless of their age. By learning more about ageism we can become more aware of the impacts on our relationships, society and even our economy.

Manitobans are invited to learn more about ageism by taking the Every Age Counts quiz . Learn more about ageism and how to combat it by exploring the links below. You may download the information sheet and post on bulletin boards to share with others.

We are also celebrating the valuable contribution of older Manitobans in our province with the Manitoba Seniors of the Year Award (MSYA). The award will be held to honor amazing Manitoba seniors who have given their time and energy to make a difference in their communities.

We are happy to launch the Centenarian Club which invites Manitobans who are 100 year of age or older to join the club. It's easy to participate, just complete the form and answer a few questions. The answers shared will bring inspiration to all Manitobans.

Every Age Counts

Aging is a natural part of all our lives. As a community, we need creative solutions to ensure we can all thrive -- because every age counts!

Take the Every Age Counts quiz -- an online survey that takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. It is open to all Manitobans, regardless of age, ability and identity. The quiz includes 12 questions that will measure your knowledge and opinions about aging.


What is Ageism

Ageism is the discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping of people based on their age. Ageism is harmful to individuals and our society by affecting our health, employment, financial security, and self-perceptions. It can take many forms, from the blatant to the subtle. It is highly tolerated in our society, but it shouldn't be. Now it's time to positively change thinking about aging, to reconsider getting older and to establish the grounds for current and future generations to age well. We all get older. Let's work together and build Manitoba a great place to age!

Download the fact sheets for more information. Print out the sheets and post them on a bulletin board to share with others.

Tips for Combatting Ageism

Ageism is all around us and there are many ways to combat these negative stereotypes and behaviors:

  • Recognize It - Creating awareness means helping people understand there is a problem.
  • Stop & Ask - If you believe you can't do something ask yourself are you limiting yourself because of your age.
  • Speak Up - If you see or hear something ageist, consider pointing it out.
  • Be Inclusive - Talk to your family members, friends, start conversation in your circle about ageism and its subtleties.
  • Give Yourself a Break -- Have you said or done things you now see are ageist? When you know better, you do better.

In a world without ageism, older Manitobans can have:

  • More confidence
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better job prospects
  • Better physical & mental health
  • Greater control over life decisions.

With your input, we will build a Manitoba without ageism and a great place where we can all age well!

Did you know? Ageism is a form of discrimination. It is illegal and prohibited in Canada.

Download the information sheets to learn more about combating ageism. Print out the sheets and post them on a bulletin board to share with others.


The Manitoba's Seniors of the Year Award are designed to recognize Manitobans 65 and older, who have made an outstanding voluntary contribution to enrich the social, cultural or civic life of our community.

Let us celebrate the amazing senior Manitobans and highlight their achievements, accomplishments and contribution to their families, communities and Manitoba.

There are three categories:

  • Senior of the Year
  • Active & Healthy Living
  • Centenarian Club
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