Glossary of Key Terms

Term Definition
Agreement A legal contract between the Manitoba government and another party/parties which defines the purpose, terms and conditions for use of provincial funding. It may take a number of different forms depending upon the amount and purpose of the funds (funding agreement, contribution agreement, letter of agreement, memorandum of understanding, commitment letter, etc.)
Applicant A person or entity who submits an application to a program and satisfies all eligibility requirements set out in the program guidelines.
Assessment The process by which grant applications are evaluated and funding decisions are made.
Capital Asset A tangible asset used to produce goods or deliver services (eg. infrastructure equipment, buildings, machinery).
Charity An entity designated by Canada Revenue Agency as a registered charitable organization, public foundation, or private foundation; created and resident in Canada; devoting its resources to one or more of the following charitable purposes: poverty relief; advancement of education; advancement of religion or other purposes that benefit the community.
Co-Applicant A person or entity who applies with the applicant and shares responsibility in achieving the project outcomes.
Deadline The last date for submitting required materials to the program; may refer to application forms, supporting documentation, interim reports, final reports, budgets, etc.
Grant Provincial funding provided to a party/parties for a specific purpose, for which the province does not receive the goods or services in return.
Guidelines A document describing the purpose, requirements and procedures related to a grant program.
In-kind Contribution Non-monetary goods or services provided by applicants or their partners to assist in the completion of an initiative.
Non-profit Organization A club, society or association that is not a charity and is organized and operated solely for the purpose of social welfare, civic improvement, pleasure and recreation or any other purpose except profit (Canada Revenue Agency).
Operating Grant Funding provided to support the mission, mandate and daily operation of an organization whose goals align with those of the funder (also called core funding, core operating, etc).
Outcome The change, benefit or impact on individuals/communities that occurs as a result of the activity being funded. Outcomes are a critical factor in determining the success of a project.
Partner Organization/individual that provides financial or in kind contributions to a project.
Performance Indicator A specific unit of information used to measure progress towards the achievement of the outcome. Performance indicators form the basis for performance measurement and reporting.
Performance Measurement A comparison between the goal of the project and the outcome it achieved. Performance measurement is a critical reporting requirement.
Project An initiative with a fixed start and end date, its own budget that only includes project related revenues and expenses. A project is not part of an organization’s daily operations.
Project Grant Funding restricted to a specific project or initiative and the related eligible expenses. A project grant entails no commitment to future funding.

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