Agencies, Boards and Commissions

The Government of Manitoba makes appointments to a number of agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs).  These are entities established by government to carry out a range of functions and services, and include councils, authorities, advisory bodies, funding bodies,  professional organizations and quasi-judicial tribunals. 

Who can apply or be nominated for an appointment?

The Government invites all Manitobans to consider submitting an application or nomination to serve on an ABC.  This website provides you with links to the ABCs within each Department.  Detailed descriptions of each ABC’s responsibilities, skill requirements, membership composition, the estimated time commitment required of board members, the location of meetings and the remuneration rate, where applicable, are provided. Questions regarding an ABC should be directed to the office of the Minister responsible for the board – contact information for each Minister’s office can be found on the website.

How do I apply or nominate someone?

Manitobans wishing to be considered for an appointment are asked to submit a copy of their resume, along with a completed copy of the Application/Nomination form available on this site,  to the ABC Office.  The questions on the Application/Nomination form provide you with the opportunity to express what you feel you are most skilled at and most interested in at this point in time. It also provides us with information on your availability and whether you wish to be considered for specific ABCs. Ideally, both documents should be submitted, however, the Application/Nomination form can be used in place of a resume. During the appointment process and depending on the board an individual will serve on, they may be asked to undergo relevant background and record checks.

The Government is commited to ABCs that reflect the public they serve.  Civil Service Commission equity groups are recognized within the ABC process and we encourage all members of equity groups to complete the voluntary Self -Declaration For Equity Groups included with the Application/Nomination form.

You may submit your own application, submit it through a nominator, or nominate someone for an appointment at any time - when nominating others please ensure they agree to put their name forward. 

What happens after I apply or nominate someone?

Receipt of your application/nomination will be acknowledged, however, there will be no further contact until you have been recommended for an appointment.  Your application or nomination will remain on file for two years.  After two years a new application/nomination will be required to maintain an active file. 

The information you provide will be kept in our database and referred to when appropriate vacancies arise. 

Resumes and Application/Nomination forms submitted to the ABC office will be treated with the utmost regard for confidentiality, however, the appointment process necessitates the disclosure of this information to Cabinet Ministers, Government MLAs, government employees and board Chairs.  All parties will treat the information with a high degree of confidentiality.

What is the process for appointments?

The appointment process is an ongoing one, where specific qualifications, skills, experience, demographics and regional needs are considered for each vacancy.

When there is a vacancy or expired term on an ABC, they are filled through the following process. The Minister recommends new appointments or reappointments to a committee comprised of Cabinet Ministers and government MLAs. This committee considers the Minister’s recommendation and recommends to the Minister whether to submit the nominee to Cabinet for approval or whether to consider other candidates. If a nominee is recommended for approval, it goes to Cabinet for Approval in Principle (AIP). Successful candidates are then contacted by the Minister’s office and asked if they would like to accept the appointment or reappointment. If the candidate accepts, their appointment returns to Cabinet as an Order-in-Council (OIC). Once the OIC is passed and signed by the Lieutenant Governor, the candidate is legally recognized as a member of the ABC. The Minister then sends a letter to the new or reappointed ABC member advising that their appointment has been finalized. In some cases, ABC members are appointed by Ministerial letter rather than OIC. These positions follow a similar process, but go to Cabinet only once for AIP.  Cabinet makes all decisions regarding appointments and reappointments.

The ABC process can take up to 6 months from the time a Minister is advised of a vacancy until a new appointment is completed.

If a successful candidate declines an appointment, their application or nomination can remain active for consideration for other appointments.

All appointments to ABCs are public information and the names of individuals appointed  as well as their city or town of residence will be posted on the Government’s website

Terms of Office

Appointments are often 1, 2 or 3 year terms. Some legislation specifies the maximum number of terms or years a member may serve on an ABC. Where this is not specified in legislation, members can serve a maximum of 10 years on a board.  


All individuals appointed to an ABC are required to take a half day or evening orientation session on your roles and responsibilities as a member of a public sector board. Each ABC will also provide new board members with an orientation specific to the work of their ABC. For session information, please contact

Contact Us

Inquiries related to a specific board should be directed to the office of the Cabinet Minister responsible for the Agency, Board or Commission.

All other inquiries can be directed to:

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