Budget 2017 - Responsible Recovery

Budget 2017 puts Manitoba's economy on the road to recovery and provides a solid plan for making Manitoba the most improved province in all of Canada.

Making necessary adjustments now will allow us to ensure that Manitoba is today, and continues to be tomorrow, a wonderful place to live.

Manitoba Provincial Budget & Supporting Documents

A Plan for our Province

Manitobans have to set priorities and make plans based on what they can afford. They make decisions about their personal budgets every day. They expect no less from their own government.

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Addressing Inherited Challenges

Manitoba continues to face a large and looming fiscal challenge. The previous government doubled the provincial debt, implemented significant tax hikes, increased and broadened the provincial sales tax, allowed spending to exceed revenues, and ran deficits year after year.

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Protecting Front Line Services and Vulnerable Manitobans

Manitoba spends more per-capita on health care than nearly every other province yet wait times for emergency health care, diagnostic testing and necessary surgeries rank worst in the country. Our government is addressing this unacceptable legacy by launching an expert Wait Times Reduction Task Force, and regional health authorities are already implementing some of the recommendations in a report commissioned by the previous government concerning necessary improvements to health care.

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Rebuilding Our Economy

Economic growth is central to our ongoing prosperity. Manitobans have told us they want us to focus our efforts on building opportunities and creating a more efficient and effective economy. Our government is focused on ensuring an affordable and competitive environment that increases productivity and encourages economic growth and job creation.

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