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COVID-19 Vaccination Partner Program

For information on the Seasonal Flu and COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Supply , please go to

Details of Manitoba’s annual Influenza and COVID-19 immunization program can be found at:

Manitoba’s Influenza and COVID-19 Immunization Program Plan Fall/Winter 2023-24 (

Note: This document is regularly updated as new information becomes available; please ensure to use the most recent version available.


Registration occurs annually. Every location that plans to participate in Manitoba’s Influenza and COVID-19 Immunization Program must register in order to participate in the program, including those who registered for the previous seasons. Pharmacists, clinics and physicians can register with Manitoba Health.


If your location has never ordered ANY publicly funded vaccines, please complete the New Immunization Provider Application Form  

( Once your location has been set up with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care you will be able to complete the registration form.

All future updates pertaining to influenza and COVID-19 vaccine distribution/supply including shortages, and/or delays will be posted online at and will also be emailed to providers at the email address provided at the time of registration.

Program Requirements

Requirements to be registered in the fall Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccine Program:

1. Patients/clients will be immunized as per Manitoba's influenza and COVID-19 vaccine eligibility criteria as outlined: Influenza: and COVID-19:

2. Client immunization history will be reviewed prior to administration of a vaccine via eChart or the Provincial Health Information Management System (PHIMS). This will determine whether minimum intervals are being maintained for COVID-19 vaccines and/or if influenza vaccines have already been administered in the current influenza season.

3. All vaccines administered MUST be reported within two (2) business days of administration

4. All patient/client immunization records must include (at minimum) the patient/client personal health identification number (PHIN), the location of administration, the provider, the date of administration, the vaccine product, the lot number and any additional regulatory requirements.

For clients with no PHIN: record and submit doses administered to persons without a PHIN via the appropriate inputting information available here:

5. Designate a refrigerator to store vaccines (NO BAR FRIDGES) that is monitored with an appropriate temperature-monitoring device such as a continuous temperature monitor or minimum/maximum thermometer (household mercury-styled thermometers are not acceptable) with temperatures being checked and recorded twice daily.

For specific guidance on the storage and handling requirements for the COVID-19 vaccines refer to the COVID-19 Vaccines Storage and Handling Quick Reference available here:
Cold Chain Protocol for Vaccines and Biologics are available at: for all cold chain monitoring requirements and how to report cold chain excursions.

6. Ensure there is an anaphylaxis management protocol/plan in place. Current provincial guidance is as per:

In accordance with Section 59 of The Public Health Act, health care providers are to report a reportable AEFI within seven days of becoming aware of the AEFI and report adverse events following immunization (AEFI), as per:

A serious AEFI should be reported within one business day, via telephone, followed by the complete written report within 72 hours.

Information Technology (IT):

In order to participate in the Influenza and COVID-19 Immunization Program, participating partners should ensure information technology (IT) systems are in place to support reporting doses administered, inventory and wastage.

Starting in 2023/24 Influenza season, all pharmacies who participate in the Flu and COVID-19 Immunization Program will be required to enter the publicly funded flu immunizations they administer into PHIMS, in addition to COVID-19 vaccines.

Information on Public Health Information Management System IT requirements are available at:

Resources for Health Care Providers:

Further resources related to COVID-19 can be found at:

Province of Manitoba | Resources for Health Care Providers (

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